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Similarly to every story, ours began with the idea of simplifying the process of ordering sprayers, pumps, bottles, caps and closures online. At the moment, there is no other website in India where you can purchase such products in small quantities. We wanted to provide a platform to cater to customers and make ordering stuff easy and making it accessible to everyone.
Providing the finest quality products to Indian customers is our main goal. We are dedicated to making this possible with this platform and we are looking forward to succeeding in the e-commerce market.


BRINLA LLP is a supplier of high-quality lotion pumps, foam pumps, crimp pump, treatment pumps, trigger sprayers, mist sprayers, caps and closure for plastic and glass bottles. Brinla LLP is a subsidiary of CB Group of companies (TCTS Ltd), one of India’s leading logistics and last-mile delivery organization.

Our company has earned a credible reputation in the market for dealing in a premium range of products that are used in cosmetics, household, industrial, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. We are dedicated to supplying quality packaging products to the markets necessary to keep consumers healthy and safe.

All our products are imported and sourced from abroad guaranteeing superior quality to those available locally. Our team has deep knowledge and expertise in the packaging industry ensuring we can find the right product for each customer. We’re confident we can find the right solution for you and if what you need doesn’t exist, our teams are here to help you find the product, produce it and make it available to you.

From concept to delivery, our team is standing by to guide you through the process of bringing your ideas to the market.


Our vision is to be our customers first choice when our type of products are sought.


Our mission is to provide excellent packaging solutions sourced from the global marketplace that is reliable, durable and exceed all the quality standards.