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Pen Sprayer

A pen sprayer is usually the height of a standard pen and the width of a dime, and it holds 10 ml of liquid. A fine mist sprayer measuring 14mm and a matching cap with a clip are included with the pen sprayer. When filled with your favourite perfume, breath spray, or bug repellant, this handy on-the-go container easily slips into your purse or shirt pocket.

Carry in your pocket anywhere you go for quick application to your hands and items.
Pen sprayers are small in size, lightweight, and portable, and can be carried around for travel, outings, and other occasions.

Product Sourcing Solution - Need help finding the right pen sprayer for your application? Our Brinla Product Sourcing Team member (+91 78 3053 9999) will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. 
A collection of empty plastic atomizer mist pocket pen sprayer dispensers available in various designs, sizes & colours.


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Pen Sprayer 10 ML Natural
Rs. 14.00 Rs. 15.00