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Mist Sprayer

Plastic mist sprayer pumps dispense fine droplets for even, a light application of products. These mist sprayers are easy to use and appropriate for a wide variety of products including body sprays, hair products, and oral care. Brinla offers mist sprayers in different neck finishes, dip tube lengths, and colours. All at a reasonable price!
Sprayers for fine mist are used in many industries, including hair care, personal care, pharmaceutical, pet care, automotive, and home care. For example, they’re popular in hair sprays, body sprays, air fresheners, cleaning products, crafts, sunscreen, and oral care.

Product Sourcing Solution - Need help finding the right lotion pump for your application? Our Brinla Product Sourcing Team member (+91 78 3053 9999) will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. 
A collection of plastic dispenser mist spray nozzle pump for bottles available in various designs, colours & sizes.


Product type
Mist Sprayer 28/410 White
Rs. 4.49 Rs. 9.00