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Micro Sprayer

Brinla's micro sprayer is made of high-grade plastic, which is durable, wear-resistant, and non-toxic. These are made from high-quality polypropylene material in a hygienic environment to comply with pharmaceutical standards. Injection blow moulding is used for the manufacture of our micro sprayer, which results in a more consistent neck finish.

The micro sprayers offered by us are designed with the utmost precision using high-grade raw materials and advanced technology. It's built to meet international medical standards. In addition to being lightweight, when bundled with a bottle it is portable, making it convenient to store in a bag when travelling. 

Product Sourcing Solution - Need help finding the right micro sprayer for your application? Our Brinla Product Sourcing Team member (+91 78 3053 9999) will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. 

A collection of plastic dispenser oral micro spray nozzle pump suitable for medical & pharmaceutical empty bottle.


Product type
Micro Sprayer 20/410 White
Rs. 6.49 Rs. 13.00