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Foam Pump Bottle

The foam pump has a function that allows water-based liquids to be turned into foam with normal air. This is done in the foaming chamber by pushing water and soap solution through a very fine mesh while adding air.

Combining this formulation with a non-aerosol foam pump determines foam quality and density. Hand-held foamers are typically available in two diameters. Typically, the 42mm foamer pump will be sold with bottles containing 150 ml or 200 ml. A smaller version of this cap has a diameter of 30mm and is intended for bottles with a capacity of 50ml or 80ml. Smaller foamers such as these are useful in the travel and food industries.

Generally, foam dispenser pumps are used to dispense facial cleaning products for the cosmetics industry. However, this type of foam pump can also be used to dispense hair conditioner and baby care products.

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A collection of plastic dispenser oral micro spray nozzle pump suitable for medical & pharmaceutical empty bottle.


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