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A ​pump dispenser is used on containers of liquids to help to dispense. They might be used on bottles, jars, or tubes. Often the contents are viscous liquids such as creams and lotions. Some are metered to provide uniform usage. It is common for some dispensers to mix contents from different sources before dispensing.  Pumps and dispensing systems have been developed in various forms. Some of the pumps are similar to those of spray bottles.

Nowadays, dispensing pumps are a common component of liquid dispensing solutions and are used in many products for health and beauty. Dispensing pumps can add elegance to bottles and containers, as well as make products easier to use. In most pumps, a predetermined quantity is delivered with every pumping action, which can be advantageous for many different products.

A bottle or container capped with a dispenser can be used to package liquids of all thicknesses and viscosities. These types of packaging are beneficial for the following products:

  • Sanitizers
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Body washes/shower gels
  • Face wash
  • Cleaning products
  • Sauces
  • Chemical products

Dispensing pumps come in many different types, but their basic function is the same – releasing some of the contents with a little hand or finger pressure. The choice of dispensing pump closures is vast, as there are many different types, sizes, and colours. Liquids are dispersed between 3 and 30 ml with either small or narrow pumps, long or short. 

Although most dispensing pumps are made of plastic, you can also choose to have them made of polished metals, polished marble, limestone, crystal, or anything else that puts a unique spin on things, such as reusable containers. Let’s take a look at the different types of lotion pumps. 



A lotion pump is ideal for products such as creams, tonics, hair care, liquid soaps, and, of course, lotions that require superior viscosity and priming. You can choose a lotion pump that dispenses liquid between 1.2ml and 30ml, depending on your needs. Additionally, there are pumps that protect their products from water intrusion. In addition to hair care, personal care, pet care, and automotive industries, lotion pumps are also used in-home care. Pumps of this type are hand-operated mechanical devices that disperse liquids or gels through plastic pipes inside the bottles. By pressing the piston up and down, the liquid is dispensed from the bottle through this type of pump, which is mechanical in nature. Pumps like this do not work without bottles and are packaged items.

Material Polypropylene, LDPE (low-density polyethylene), Glass Ball and Stainless Steel Spring
Use Hand disinfectant, hand sanitiser gel, hand soap (Dettol Hand Wash), liquid soap dispenser, shampoo dispenser



The treatment pump is ideal for dispensing products that are thicker, such as creams, gels, oils, and other thick cosmetic products. Due to their precise dosage and attractive appearance, treatment pumps are often found in personal care products, skin care products, sun care products and hair care products. The output of treatment pumps ranges from 130 mcL to 200 mcL. Pumps such as this are hand-operated devices used to disperse liquids or gels through a plastic tube placed within a bottle. A mechanical pump pumps pistons up and down to dispense liquid from the bottle via the actuator, which dispenses the liquid mechanically. Pumps like this do not work without bottles and are packaged items.

Material Polypropylene, LDPE (low-density polyethylene), Glass Ball and Stainless Steel Spring
Use Hair serum, hair oil, moisturizer, cosmetics, body care products



Foam pumps use non-aerosol methods for dispensing liquid materials. Foam pumps often come with protective caps that prevent spills and preserve the liquid inside. Foam pumps emit doses of the liquid contained in the bottle as foam. A mechanical pump drives a piston up and down in order to pump foam from a bottle via an actuator, which pumps foam from the bottle. A foamer chamber produces foam. A nylon mesh discharges the foamed liquid constituents after they have been mixed in the foaming chamber.  

Material Polypropylene, LDPE (low-density polyethylene), Glass Ball and Stainless Steel Spring
Use Mousse foam cleansing, hand washing liquid, hand sanitiser, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair conditioning mousse, sun protection foam, spot removers and baby products.



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